Build your own business with today’s most dynamic and instant profit making business. It is no doubt that Bulk SMS and Bulk Emailing has created its mark in every business field. Where ever you go you’ll find the uses of these technologies at every end. Bulk SMS is not only being used in advertising but also in information purposes. We offer great Reseller Plans to help challenging professionals so that they can create their own brand and to grow in this ever growing business.

We provide reseller solutions for all kinds of services and we offer reasonable prices to our resellers to grow in competitive market along with the best services to maintain the customers.

Become a reseller for:-

  • Bulk SMS
  • Bulk Emailing
  • Voice calls
  • WhatsApp.

Reseller FAQ’s:

Reseller SMS account allows a user to further redistribute credits to other users or clients created under him name. If a user A has a reseller account, he can create different users B, C, D under his account and distribute credits to them.

A computer with internet connection and SMS credits. All you require is basic knowledge of computer and internet, some contacts where you can sell the SMS.

You need to pay a wholesale price for the SMS credits with 1 Year time validity. You will further sell these credits at retail rates of your own choice and with time validity Equal to or less than one year. First you get the benefit of rates and second on expiry of credits allotted to your client with time validity re-accredit them back to your own account.

Use your contacts to create a network of clients and resellers who will bring you repeated orders for SMS which will boost your business and provide leverage to expand your network base.

You can start with the basic purchase of 500000 SMS. One option can be of selling this SMS to one single client or these 500000 SMS can be distributed to different clients. The distribution of credits is entirely your choice.

For the first time the prices in the pricing page apply. Our executive will help you with the best prices.

Send us a request for a demo account. Do mention your mobile number. Our executive will get in touch with you for some details to create an account for a volume purchase at prices you will find nowhere else in the market.